Friday, November 1, 2019

Been a Long TIme

According to the Blogger activity tracker, I haven't been on Blogger since 2012. Whew. I know, right. WTF. Why so long.
I just don't have it in me to post blogs every day. I'm not important enough, witty enough, vain enough, nor does anything happen to me to warrant daily diatribes. Instead, I maintain a website and a monthly newsletter. Done.
I'm only getting back into the blogosphere to practice for my Google Ed Recertification and to check in on any changes that google made with this simple tool.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


    Here is a video that I embedded quite easily from youtube. Blogger and Youtube are both linked to the google realm, so they make it seamless. This IS important for students.


It's still Google. Rather than move into something else (say Edmodo),  students are using a platform/program that is already being used. Perhaps this is a good thing. From my point of view, I like adding something a "little" new.

There are few easily available collaboration ideas like awards, quizzes, polls, avatars. Each of those can be added through googleapps but not as readily as something like Faceboook or Edmodo.

Pros for Blogger

Connection to Google

Students already know a little about googledocs that will connect with what is needed for online blogging:

adding links
adding photos
composing using the editing bar

Open Sourced

updated regularly
connections with circles (google +)

Example for MiddleSchool

Each student could create a blog through their googleaccount (which they already have). All of the blogs could then be LINKED into (for example) this blog as a meeting point for access to each other's blogs.